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Bridge Over River


Unique and innovative addiction and mental health treatment based on over 25 years of experience and Dr. B's own personal recovery.  

Shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one.


Develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with life. Specializing in teen addiction and young adults.


  • Dr. B has treated over 4000 patients and their families for addiction and alcoholism related issues over the last 24 years.

  • Dr. B went through his own struggles as a teenager and young adult. Since receiving treatment in 1997, he has been sober and active in recovery ever since.

  • Dr. B specializes in Addiction (opiate addiction, alcoholism, meth addiction, gambling addiction and eating disorders), Turbulent Parent/Teen Relationships, Depression, Life Management, Career/Academic Planning, and Motivation. 

  • Dr. B. has a Masters and Doctorate degree in clinical psychology, as well as specialty degrees in Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders.



Dr. Brendan Bickley (PsyD, MA, CADC II, CCS, ICDC) began working in behavioral health treatment in 1997 when he created the first program to ever combine college with behavioral health treatment at a treatment facility in Orange County, CA when he was just twenty-five years old. Since then, Dr. Bickley has been contracted to help over 20 drug rehabs across the nation (from Southern California to the New Jersey Shore) with innovative program design, creative expansion, business development, and streamlined operations. Dr. Bickley is considered the foremost expert on treatment program and facility expansion design, having created, expanded, or re-designed over 15 facilities across the United States. He has held the titles of Clinical Director, Executive Director, COO, Business Development Director, VP of Clinical Development, and CEO. A reality show based on his unique treatment approach was produced by E! Entertainment/Comcast Entertainment. 


Dr. B grew up in the entertainment business. His father (William Bickley) is the creator of such shows as Family Matters, Step-By-Step, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Perfect Strangers, and many more.  Original he had aspirations of being a director, writer, and actor, but in his early twenties decided to dedicate his life to helping others recover from mental health disorders and addictions.  “I consider every day of my life that I get to help others a gift.  My purpose is to help others recover and help the “helpers” help others recover. That’s it.”  


Dr. Bickley (“Dr. B”) graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Irvine.  Dr. B holds specialty degrees in addiction treatment and eating disorder treatment. He is also a pioneer in Virtual Behavioral Healthcare technology (otherwise known as “telehealth”) having created and patented one of the first behavioral healthcare mobile applications to be used for virtual treatment for AMTRAK conductors in 2011. He has completed two peer reviewed research studies on the outcomes of addiction treatment, and is considered an expert on outcome research design for addiction treatment. 


He has helped expand and facilitate the sale of some of the largest behavioral health facilities across the United States, some for over 20x’s EBITDA. He utilizes the “Scaling Up” and “Disney” model for business expansion and is often the leader in creating healthcare business models that others seek to emulate and duplicate.  

Wandering Traveler

Fear of losing something you have or not getting something you want is the foundation of almost all negative emotions and the source of most conflict in a relationship.

Dr. Brendan Bickley



United States

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