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 Christian Counseling

While many claim to be 'Christian Counselors," or  be able to provide "Christian Counseling," Dr B. has developed specific, practical methods that truly exemplify what a Christian Counselor should be. Dr. B. has been a Christian since he was 8 years old.  His entire clinical approach can be said to be Bible based, however for those desiring true Christian based clinical services, Dr. B offers a unique Christian counseling that will help people discern between true and false spiritual motivations and determine how they interact, and often conflict with psychological motivations which leads to mental and behavioral health issues.   

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Trusted Professionals

Ron V. 

I am honored to be able to offer the renown services of Ron V. who is one of the most renown interventionists in the United States. Ron is historically only available through direct referral, but Ron has allowed Dr. B to offer his unique, highly effective services only through this site. Ron has worked with numerous celebrities throughout his years of service and is known for having a 97% success rate when it comes to interventions.

Franki Olinger

Franki specializes in working with teens and young adults struggling with life and substance abuse.  Franki is one of the most effective life coaches in Orange County, CA.  Her ability to direct and mold teens and young adults, especially females, is second to none.  Dr. B has been recommending Franki's services to his clients for years because of her remarkable results. 

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