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Since 2000, I’ve been working as a clinician who specializes in helping teens and young adults cope with a variety of issues. I'm effective because I used to be a troubled teen and young adult myself.  I hit a roadblock in my own life and was struggling to move past it, After overcoming my own struggles, I went to back to school to learn how to help people. However, even after 15 years of higher education in psychology, my greatest asset in helping teens and young adults with their struggles is my own successful recovery.  I have a unique technique. I think "outside the box" and I treat "outside the box." My treatment techniques have been proven to be more successful than others.  If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

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Trusted Professionals

Ron V. 

I am honored to be able to offer the renown services of Ron V. who is one of the most renown interventionists in the United States. Ron is historically only available through direct referral, but Ron has allowed Dr. B to offer his unique, highly effective services only through this site. Ron has worked with numerous celebrities throughout his years of service and is known for having a 97% success rate when it comes to interventions.

Franki Olinger

Franki specializes in working with teens and young adults struggling with life and substance abuse.  Franki is one of the most effective life coaches in Orange County, CA.  Her ability to direct and mold teens and young adults, especially females, is second to none.  Dr. B has been recommending Franki's services to his clients for years because of her remarkable results. 

Sam Marrs

Sam is a highly gifted tutor and mathematician.  Sam is Dr. B's first choice for academic tutoring and physical fitness.  In addition to being an academic genius, Sam is also a gifted personal physical fitness trainer and uses a unique approaches to physical fitness, health and wellness. 

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