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The Unbalanced Soul

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The first thing to realize about the soul, or psyche, is that it seeks balance when unbalanced. In fact, it is the unbalancing of the soul that usually leads to growth, once it is corrected. The Jewish concept of the soul is that it exists and moves about within the world by changing its properties. Psychology, at its core, is the balancing of the psyche, or soul. The mind can be unbalanced by biological factors, in which case a person needs medication to help correct the balance. Other times, a person, through cognitive restructuring and behavior modification, can correct the balance without medication. Most often someone will need both to correct an imbalance.. The one thing I always tell my clients is that an unbalanced soul is natural and inevitable in life, but there is always a way to correct it. Some people's unbalanced soul is so severe that it requires treatment, or help. It needs someone who is trained in balancing the soul to help guide the person towards correction. Once a severe imbalance is corrected however it does not mean that it will remain so forever, It does mean that he/she will have gained the knowledge to correct the imbalance in the future when it inevitably occurs again. This is the primary goal and benefit of effective treatment. Balancing severe imbalances takes patience, hard work, time, and most of all, a willingness to correct it.

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